Tuesday, January 10, 2006

In which we learn where the Militant Pine Marten has been of late

As happened back in August, the Militant Pine Marten has been back to the woods to gather its thoughts for the best part of a month. I'm going to allow myself to be sufficiently presumptuous to assume that a couple of people somewhere out there have been wondering if I'd gone into hibernation or just moved on. I thought that after this long wait you may like to see where I've been.

This is the view from the woods just before sunset. As you can see, it was pretty cold.

After night falls, the woods are left to the roe deer and the pine martens, although most of them aren't very militant at all.

Here's a rare picture of some humans out early the next morning for some contemplation of their own. And a little hunting, just like me.

Eventually, the light started to fall, the humans went back inside, and the pine martens were once again given the run of the place.

And so now you see why the Militant Pine Marten couldn't bring itself to think of the world's troubles. That's what the trips to the woods are for: a little contemplation, a little hunting, a little unadulterated simple joy at the beauty of the world.

Merry Mustelid 2006!

Weightier matters will now return to the fore.

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